Where to find cheap t shirts for your next fundraising event

Did you know that over the last nine years, donor retention rates for charities have consistently been low?

That's right - and it means that fundraising efforts are more crucial than ever.

A successful fundraising event gives attendees a positive view of your organization, encourages donations, and makes existing donors feel appreciated.

Using custom wholesale T-shirts is a great way to make your event a success - whether you sell them to raise funds, use them to make volunteers stand out, or give them as gifts to existing donors.

Keep reading for loads of inspiration for using T-shirts at your next event.

Make Your Volunteers Stand Out

Planning a big event with lots of attendees?

How will people know who to go to for help, or to ask questions?

If your volunteers are dressed in regular clothing, they won't stand out much.

However, if all of your event staff are dressed in awesome, custom T-shirts, visitors will be able to spot them from a mile off.

T-shirts are also a great way to communicate a message about your cause. You could go for text that highlights part of your campaigns, asks for donations, or encourages visitors to ask questions.

A professional event will always have staff dressed in uniform, and wholesale T-shirts are an easy, versatile option - perfect if you've got lots of one-off volunteers attending.

For regular staff members, consider T-shirts that clearly display their name. This makes them more approachable to members of the public, increasing the chance of productive conversations.

Share Important Campaign Details

Some people might be too shy to ask your volunteers for help - so displaying information on their T-shirts is a smart plan.

Consider adding dates of future events, contact details, information on how to donate, and interesting figures or statistics about the work you do.

Think about your main goals and priorities for the event, and display information that helps you to achieve them.

Who needs flyers when you have awesome custom T-shirts?

Strengthen Your Brand Image

Whether you're a new charity or you've been going for years, creating a strong brand image is key.

You want people to remember your charity and be clear about the work that you do - and creating custom T-shirts is a great way to achieve that.

You'll have the chance to use your brand colors, display your logo and charity name, and communicate a message that makes your values clear.

Brand image is part of everything you do, including events, so don't be tricked into thinking it only matters online.

An event that's full of volunteers and donors wearing branded clothing creates a strong image that will stick in the minds of everyone who attends.

Create Awesome Photo Opportunities

Encouraging visitors to share pictures online is a great way to widen the reach of your event, and custom T-shirts provide some cool photo opportunities.

You could set up a free photobooth area with T-shirts, accessories, and props for visitors to use in their pics. Ask attendees to share using a specific hashtag, and repost pictures to your social media accounts.

This is an excellent way to build excitement around your event and ensure that visitors remember it long after they've gone home.

Having T-shirts for volunteers also helps your official photos to look more professional, which could encourage others to volunteer at future events.

Thank Donors for Their Contribution

How do you currently thank donors for their contributions?

A postcard in the mail? A friendly email?

If you want to stand out from other charities, you need to up your game.

Offering a free T-shirt to everyone who donates a certain amount is a wonderful way to show your gratitude, and it lets your donors advertise your cause while they're out and about.

Try to design T-shirts that donors will actually want to wear - you won't get much publicity if your merch is relegated to the pajama drawer.

Go for lowkey designs that are timeless - like a small emblem of your logo, or a subtle slogan. Avoid anything that will quickly look dated, or refer to a campaign that's over.

Donors are more likely to keep giving when they feel appreciated. Show your gratitude with free custom T-shirts.


Sell T-Shirts to Raise Money for fundraising events

Do you have a great designer on your team?

Put their skills to the test by asking them to design a T-shirt to sell at your next event.

Many people are more likely to purchase charity products that they are to donate outright, so selling branded products is a smart move.

If you want to generate some extra publicity, consider hosting a T-shirt design competition. Ask for entries on social media in the lead up to your event, and let followers vote for their favorites.

Not only will this boost engagement, you'll also be confident that the most popular design will win!

Try to find a balance between creating a T-shirt that looks cool, and promoting your cause.

Most people won't want a top that's covered in your logo and contact details, but they will buy a cool tee that has a small nod to your charity in a subtle spot.

Buying wholesale T-shirts is pretty cost effective, so there's a good chance you'll see some impressive profits. If you're unsure, start with a short run before you invest too much cash.

People love T-shirts. Use that fact to further your cause.

Why Use Cheap T-Shirts at Your Fundraiser?

No matter how large or small your fundraising event is, using cheap T-shirts is a smart move.

You can easily identify volunteer staff using bright, personalized T-shirts, which strengthens your brand image and draws attention to your event.

Giving free T-shirts to donors is a great way to show gratitude, and helps them promote your cause to others.

Holding a T-shirt design contest and selling the final product is a fun way to raise funds, and helps you promote online engagement at the same time.

If you're running a fundraiser, you need T-shirts.

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