Tie-Dye-CD9500-Swirl Tie-Dyed Sport Pack

Tie-Dye-CD9500-Swirl Tie-Dyed Sport Pack
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Style : CD9500
Available Sizes : OS
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    • 8.5 oz., 80% cotton, 20% polyester fleece


    • Matching drawstrings

The Tie-Dye brand of t-shirts and hoodies present many different variations and colors of the finest tie-dyed apparels. Each Tie-Dye t-shirt and hoodie is unique as no two apparels are exactly the same, giving each shirt its own unique character and feel. Tie-Dye apparel isn’t just for hippies anymore! This fashion trend from the ‘70s has persevered and worked its way into mainstream American style, giving you a fun way to liven up your wardrobe. 7daysclothing brings you a wide selection of tie-dyed t-shirts from fantastic brands, like Tie-Dyed, whose 100% ring-spun cotton will make you feel as good as you look. All of the fun colors are infectious. As soon as you put on one of these tie-dyed shirts, you won’t be able to keep yourself from smiling. Either if you are looking for short or long sleeves, a traditional spiral design, or an interesting stripe, 7daysclothing is the place to go. For queries please approach us at sales@7daysclothing.com, you can also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter about Tie-Dye clothing on sales.

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