The Importance of Workwear Apparel and Safety Clothing


Staying safe while on work is of utmost importance. There are certain workplaces where the workers and employees have to face many hazards and they are required to wear reflective and high visibility clothing to ensure their protection and safety. In the workplaces such as transport companies, construction sites, warehouses, factories and roadwork, it is very crucial to wear high visibility clothing for your own safety. Their clothing will prevent workers from getting cuts, chemical and biological hazards, high voltages and static electricity. Thus the use of high visibility clothing improves the visibility of the people in a workplace and reduces the risks of accidents and mishaps at the work places.

Workwear Apparel and Safety Clothing At 7daysclothing

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Safety Polo Shirts And T-Shirts

Browse our collection of safety polos and t-shirts. We have short sleeved,long sleeved, fire retardant, thermal and hi-visibility polos and t-shirts to withstand the cooler and warmer or hazardous working premises. We also provide superior contrasting polo shirts for companies to match their professional and corporate image for the ‘stand-out’ effect. These include blended (50/50 poly-cotton) styles as well as hi-visibility polo shirts. These are comfortable lightweight shirts available with or without pockets.

Safety Outerwear

At 7daysclothing you can find the best selection of hi-visibility outerwear made up of the reflective material. It includes high quality thermal lined sweatshirts, versatile 3-in-1 jackets, bomber jackets, parkas or windbreakers, with these amazing products you can find a style that will keep you warm, safe and dry too. Browse our outer wear collection and buy with trust and confidence.

Safety Sweatshirts and Hoodies

Check out for a complete range of crewneck, pullover and full-zip styles. Perfect for the fall and spring, our sweatshirts and hoodies provide warmth and safety and style too limiting the bulk of a heavyweight jacket. Browse our collection of sweatshirts and hoodies available in different colors and sizes. We offer a vast range of contrasting, hi visibility, flame retardant hoodies and sweatshirts.


Safety Fleece and Jackets

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Safety Overalls

Browse our collection of overalls. These include disposable, bib & brace, warehouse/lab coats, hi visibility and standard boiler suit.

Safety Trousers and Shorts

Browse our collection of trousers and shorts including ballistic, action, combat (with and without kneepad pockets), cargo, hi visibility, waterproof, railway spec, standard and ladies cargo and combat (with knee pocket). We supply cargo shorts and contrasting combat shorts for the warmer condition.

Safety Vests

We have the perfect vest that suits your job. Our collection includes ANSI Class 2, Class 3, multi-pocket, non-ANSI, flame resistant and more. These are available with Velcro or zipper closures in mesh and solid fabric styles.

Flame Resistant Safety Wear

This category includes best FR t-shirts, safety vests, button-down work shirts, coveralls and waterproof rainwear. Here you’ll be sure to find the apparel that keeps you protected and compliant with the safety standards.