7daysclothing presents Occunomix which is a beacon of hope when it comes to the tough, safety or niche environments. Occunomix is known as a designer and manufacturer of personal safety equipment. Occunomix safety clothing can protect people from workplace accidents, discomforts and also from dangers of hot, cold or rainy environments. Occunomix clothing helps the employers meet OSHA regulations for industrial safety. Occunomix values their customers’ safety needs before sourcing their innovative products thus providing their customers with higher safety ratings and better comfort levels. Occunomix products are also been used by millions of people engaged in sports, profession and different hobbies and also by patients having certain type of aches. Occunomix clothing also offers high visibility safety vests, coats, pants and T-shirts. 7daysclothing.com offers Occunomix amazing portfolio at competitive prices. Enjoy free and prompt shipping on bulk orders. For queries please approach us at sales@7daysclothing.com  and let’s connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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