Mother's Day Sale 2017


We all have at least once been struggling with gift ideas for Mother's not lie! It's time to start shopping for Mother’s Day 2017, is here to help you in your search.

Your mom is definitely the most important person in your life, therefore, you must want to please her on her special day. Right? And if in 2017 you opt for a different gift from the previous ones? This year choose an original gift according to the choice of your dear mother. At, you will find the best gift ideas for your Mother's Day.

We will celebrate this Mother's Day with you!


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This year, Mother's Day will take place on May 14, 2017. To help you choose the perfect gift within the very wide selection of products on, we are offering 10% discount on Mother’s Day Sale. You can easily find the right style and unique color to gift your mother, whether it’s for casual use, a family get together, or corporate team. 7daysclothing product line includes a wide variety of options, which also includes tank tops, t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts and pullovers available in a broad spectrum of colors and a variety of sizes for your mother. So, opt for fast and free delivery on orders over $145. Yes, you got it right. We offer free shipping! In lack of inspiration, you should prefer to leave her the choice within our wide selection. (Note: To avail discount, please use coupon code LOVEMOM while checkout.)

Do you have more time to choose your gift?


For My Dad and My Mom

It is not because it is Mother's Day that we must forget our daddy. What'd ya say? It would be a shame not to present him something in order to show that you think of him. You can find something to please him by visiting our page dedicated to Men’s clothing, where hundreds of styles available that you can but according to his choice.


If you wish, you can make a gift together to your mum and dad to make them both happy.

Why Choose 7daysclothing?

You will also appreciate the high standards of services of our sales and operations team, professionalism and customer care is the hallmark of 7daysclothing team you will find us at our best! 7dayclothing knows your needs and demands so that is why our team works 24/7 in order to provide you quality services. We have made shopping very easy, convenient and time saving for you. Also look for promotional items which might save you a lot of your money so happy shopping at

Happy Mother’s Day, Cheers!


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