How to search for authentic Champion T-shirts

When you see a specific C tag or an embroidered label on a shirt, you instantly recognize it as a champion brand. Champion is a brand under a huge and popular brand Hanes and it has been there since 1919 producing and providing the world with best athletic wear, street wear and casual wear. in 2019 champion will turn 100.

A century old heritage

having a hundred years of history, Champion created a heritage by not only producing sportswear but also introduced innovative ideas to the sports clothing industry giving to the world products such as reverse weave sweat shirts, first cotton football jerseys, first hooded sweat shirts, breathable mesh shorts and first reversible tees.

Not only champion has a never ending line of athletic wear but also produces casual items like daily wear tee which is popular, most liked and highly demanded by people of all age, gender and class. Among them is an all-time favorite heritage tee which bears an embroidered C mark which stands for an authentic champion t- shirt.

Authentic Champion t shirts

A huge come back 

Champion makes a big come back once again, after seeing its golden age in the early to mid-nineties, when it covered not only sports but also streetwear and was highly popular in hip-hop culture. Since Sports has gained enormous popularity in china during last few decades and the demand for imported consumers goods is becoming strogner day by day in China.  with the rise of that there is a huge demand of not only champion sportswear but also champion t-shirts from that part of the world as well. It has become a hype and a fashion trend in China in recent years.

Since it is a huge name and a popular one as well, meaning its easily accessible  to everyone and any one can buy it from stores and online shopping sites. There are a few chances that you would come across  a fake champion shirt. However seeing a rise in demand this could happen more often and if you are not a die hard fan of champion brand but still want to add an original champion t-shirt to your wardrobe, you might end up buying a fake.

A unique labeling system by Champion Apparel

Since the beginning of its name champion has marked itself as the producers of best apparel for all sorts. And what makes it easy to detect its authenticity is its unique labeling system. Throughout the time it has changed the labels and tags according to the ongoing events and popular sport season .So if you want an authentic champion t-shirt you can easily match the logo, label, or tag to the year in which the shirt was manufactured. Being originally made in U.S.A. its label also says made in U.S.A. so if you come across a champion t- shirt saying made in any other country, that is surely a fake.

But let me add one thing that since champion is not an expensive brand so it’s chances to be a fake would be far more less than any expensive brand.

Authentic champion t- shirts also bear a C logo that is embroidered mostly in red white and blue. The most popular ones being the heritage tee are available on most of the stores and online shopping stores. The t-shirts clearly have a distinct cotton feel and it is easy to tell the difference between fake and original if not by the tags or labels.

Since it is a brand name under Hanes, it is easily available in stores where other apparel products are to be found under the same brand name.

How to check if the t-shirt is autentic

Now, coming to the point on how to check if it is an authentic champion t-shirt, an authentic one would definitely have a distinct fabric feel. A real one will have fabric so soft and smooth whether its cotton or any other mixed material.

Secondly, the tags and labels will be of different in colors sometimes brighter than usual. In addition, a tag would say, for example, 100% cotton but that would not feel like it, instead it would be a bit rough and hard to touch.

An authentic champion t-shirt would also have the same colored third for the inner seams as that of the shirt, and a nice overlock at places where it I needed. Lastly, the buttons also bear an original C mark.

Therefore, these are the few points you can keep in mind when looking for an authentic champion t-shirtso that you get the best you want. All the best o you now.