Champion presents Champion clothing brand, which became famous for creating one of the most important athletic garments of the 20th century, the hooded sweatshirt. The hooded sweatshirt was designed and developed for practical reasons and was first introduced as a warm up or “sideline” garment for athletes to wear in-between game time or practice sessions. Champion apparels transcended what it meant to be an athletic brand by becoming the first Company to produce the Double Sided (or reversible) T-Shirt and the first to develop and manufacture a “Breathable” Nylon Mesh fabric, that would go on to become the staple fabric for basketball Uniforms across the Globe. The original, heavyweight and understated line of Tee Shirts, Sweatshirts, Sweatpants and Shorts, all having the iconic Champion “C” logo that was introduced in 2015 to a new generation of Champion clothing for consumers. You can find more about Champion wholesales clothing at, where you can get free shipping (for U.S) at bulk orders, wholesale prices on various qualified team wear, blank clothing and team gear. There is much more for you at Please send us your queries at

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