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Gildan Best Fit Blank Apparel 

Gildan is a Canadian based manufacturer of branded apparel founded in 1984. The product line by Gildan includes undecorated blank active wear as t-shirts, sport shirts and tank tops, which can be subsequently decorated by screen printing companies with their designs and logos. Gildan is being considered as a highly popular provider of high quality and affordable basic knit t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, tank tops, hoodies, and polo shirts. The Gildan Company strives to deliver better value through better designing and styles. helps you to find high quality Gildan at wholesale prices and has a huge variety of Gildan clothing at incredibly low prices for all genders and age groups including men, women, and children. Thus with so many great options, you will be sure to find easily a Gildan apparel that brings the ideal fit and comfort for you. Here at, we pride ourselves for prompt delivery and free shipping on orders above $145. Our sales team are committed to treat every order and customer with care. So, this is the perfect time and place for you to refresh your wardrobe with the fashionable, comfortable, and stylish designs by Gildan with a bundle of saving your money and time.

Gildan Blank Polo Shirts

The integral building blocks of a casual and everyday wardrobe, are short and long sleeve polo shirts. A polo shirt features soft welted cuffs and collars, made from polyester or cotton/poly blends, others are 100% cotton, perfect for indoor wear and gives a decent look with style and comfort. Dry blend fabrics are also used by Gildan to provide a perfect feel and fit to the wearer. Let‘s look at G280 Gildan Ultra Cotton® 6 oz. Jersey Polo which has features like: 100% preshrunk cotton jersey, double-needle stitching throughout, welt-knit collar and cuffs, three-button placket with wood tone buttons, hemmed bottom, Sport Grey is 90% cotton, 10% polyester.

Gildan Blank T-Shirts and Blank Tank Tops

Gildan is a well-known and reputed manufacturer of blank active wear t-shirts. Their selection of Gildan t-shirts includes Ultra Cotton, Softstyle, Performance, and DryBlend fabrics. Available in countless sizes and colors for men, women, and children, the prices are reasonably low to meet their customers’ budget. We have here G230 Gildan Ultra Cotton® 6 oz. Pocket T-Shirtwhich features like: 100% preshrunk cotton, double-needle stitching throughout, taped shoulder-to-shoulder, five-point left-chest pocket, 7/8" collar, Ash Grey is 99/1; Sport Grey is 90/1, Safety Green and Safety Orange are 50% cotton, 50% polyester available in sizes from S to 5XL. You can find a wide spectrum of vintage styles to choose from, including V-neck, scoop neck, polo’s, and workout tanks. We also have long sleeve shirts available. If you’re looking for an apparel to order for your school team, you’ll definitely find all that you need. The workout tanks available are great for weightlifters and Frisbee players and the performance Gildan t-shirts are the top most choice for track and cross country teams. An amazing variety of women’s tank tops are also available in classic styles and designs. Let ‘s look at G220 Gildan Ultra Cotton® 6 oz. Tankwhich has features like 100% preshrunk cotton, banded neck and armholes, double-needle stitching on bottom hem, Ash Grey is 99% cotton, 1% polyester; Sport Grey is 90% cotton, 10% polyester. 

Christmas Sale 2016


Shopping Tips For Holiday Season

For many of us, the word ‘sale’ is like the most effective stimuli that get the activity going fast in our brains. Quickly we get everything sorted; from our schedules to chores and to how we are going to reach the place. We are ready to ignore something major important because we know that the sale period is once in a blue moon and it will only be dumb of someone not to avail the chance. Stores are also equally eager to welcome their devoted customers and to serve them with best offers. falls in the very same bracket and has always had some fantastic sale offers that helped them to build strong customer relationships. The real talented shopper, however, is the one who is not only availing such chances but also making the most of them by going fully prepped and taking particular check of some essential tips. These tips are tested and therefore surely work in 98 percent of the cases.

When going out for sales, it is best to make sure that you go on a Thursday. Now this has a straightforward logic behind. All the stores are well aware that they will get the most customer traffic on weekends, so they start making preparations for it a day before, which is Thursday. On this day they will take out all the best sale stock, and therefore the chances are that you will find all variety if you go on a Thursday. Weekends too have good stuff, but that gets really busy and congested, so Thursdays are like peaceful still full of variety days where you can easily shop and take advantage of the sales.

It is always advised that you are communicating with the store workers and whoever is handling at that moment. For instance, you found this really cute shirt, but your size wasn’t there on display shelf. So, will you leave the store disheartened or ask around to the manager? Companies and brands understand how important sales are to their customers and therefore they will do everything to make sure that people leave their stores happy and satisfied. For that reason, they will make sure that all your queries are answered and fulfilled to the maximum extent. Many times, a significant part of the stock is piled up in warehouses, so it is better to ask those in charge and assure that you get what you desire.

Most of the brands have a no return policy for sales but still, it would be better if you check and then if present, go for those items that have a return policy. This reduces the chances of post-purchase feeling of regret.

Buying at the end of seasons is mostly recommended because at this time prices are the lowest and they have the best deals to attract buyers and get rid of the stock to bring next one in. Buying at the end of the season can get you a cheap yet quality shopping that you can very easily use in the next year.

While these were some of the quick tips that any shopper should be well aware of, but still at the same time you should have your mind awake at all times. Never buy everything because it is on sale, sometimes it is cheaper if you don’t buy that commodity at all.


Independence Day Sale 2016


The History of American Independence

The national holiday of July 4th, is the day of "Independence Day"of the United States of America. It is a major landmark, synonymous with a founding act that still shapes the identity of the American nation.

English colony that developed at the discretion of the discovery of the "New World", the thriving US east coast for two centuries when tensions arise between the mainland and the colonial lands, mainly for economic issues of taxes and fees, around the year 1770. As early as 1767, the establishment of the Townshend Acts, involving taxation of products imported into the colonies, causing the ire of the settlers and soon a local resistance movement was born. The shares nevertheless remain isolated.

Gradually the thirteen colonies that make up British territory of North America, emit the desire to break free of the crown. It settled a true revolutionary climate within the strongholds of New England, Virginia or Philadelphia. The settlers no longer accept that the powers are dictated by the Parliament of Westminster, located thousands of kilometers away and where no elected official represents us.

Before the significant uprising risk, metropolitan troops are sent there to destroy a potential revolution in the bud. During the Boston Massacre on March 5, 1770, British troops fired on opponents' crowd and killed 5 civilians which later became crucial in breaking the Anglo-American relations

New episode determining December 16, 1773 with the famous "Boston Tea Party". Residents of Massachusetts Bay, made ​​up as Mohawk Indians - very feared - boarded three merchant ships and discharged in the sea about 350 chests of tea, one of the most taxed products of the time. This event marks in many ways the beginning of a process leading to the war of independence and a fortiori the statement of 4 July 1776. The break is then consumed.

Meeting within the Continental Congress, between September and October 1774, 55 representatives from 12 of the 13 colonies (Georgia missing and join this assembly in 1775) decided to replicate after the establishment of the Coercive Acts, passed in the British Parliament after the insult of the Boston Tea Party. For the first time, the term "America" ​​is used to describe the alliance of the colonies. The war of independence broke out the following year, but it did not end until 1783.

Meanwhile, the Continental Congress met again on May 10, 1775 to adopt the United States Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, marking the secession from the British crown. Written collectively by John Adams, Roger Sherman, Benjamin Franklin, Robert Livingston and Thomas Jefferson (the "Commitee of Five"), the statement is signed by 56 representatives, known as the "founding fathers". This major event is inseparable from the American identity and has since become the symbol of the birth of the United States of America, which have made it their national holiday.


Ideas to Celebrate the Independence Day

The national holiday of July 4th, is the day of "Independence Day"of the United States of America. It is a major landmark, synonymous with a founding act that still shapes the identity of the American nation.



Father's Day Sale 2016

Father's Day Sale 2016

Cheers To The Fathers! The Ones Who Raised Us!

Every year dad's day in the United States of America is being celebrated with much vigor and interest. In May, the question arose for Mother’s Day, and you rose to the challenge brilliantly. On the third Sunday of June (i.e. this year June 19), the adventure is again at the rendezvous. And, it must be said, find a gift for a man is a little more difficult than for a woman. Yet, if you look a little closer, there are different things that may well appeal to many dads. You may know his passions, therefore, you try to surprise him.


How To Make This Father’s Day Special?

For every child, valuing and honoring their father is paramount. Every year it's the same old story: what gift offer for Father's Day? You may know his passions, therefore, you try to surprise him. But the real thing is knowing, what really will make him happy and will express your love?

For that, every individual tries their own way to express their love for father. Some sends flowers or buy them watches as gift; some spends their time while hanging out or watching movies; and some prefer creative way and makes handmade decorated posters containing a family photo for wishing them. But on this Father’s Day, you can make your dad happy by sending him apparels.

The is celebrating Father’s Day and giving you the perfect gift guide to really get something special for you father. Discover our vast range of clothing from casual wear, to beach wear to tailored suits; we have got it all covered for every dad

Furthermore, also offers 10% OFF with Free Shipping on orders over $145 on entire purchase. While checking out your order, enter coupon code DADSDAY to claim your discount. So hurry up! This sale ends on Sunday, June 19, 2016. We hope, you will have a great experience on our website.

Happy Father’s Day!

Find The Best Quality Yoga Apparel By Alo Sport

Yoga is one of the best workout activity for an active, fit and healthy lifestyle. It acts as a meditation for healthy exercises that help to control the body, mind and soul. There are many postures and styles involved in yoga practice. It significantly needs a freedom of movement so it is essential to wear the right yoga apparel while practicing to get the maximum benefits out of it. There are several options in activewear that are an essential need in yoga. Women’s yoga workout fashion by Alo Sport yoga clothing includes many stylish and fashionable tops, bras, capris, leggings, skirts and more. Women’s yoga tops are now become a fashion trend in yoga workout. Men’s yoga apparel from Alo sports available at include tank tops, short sleeve t-shirts and mesh shorts.

Get The Key To Flexibility And Free Mobility With Alo Sport Yoga Apparel

Choosing the perfect yoga apparel is an essential factor during yoga because appropriate and comfortable clothes do not restrict any movement and pose. In addition to yoga tops, yoga pants act perfectly well, that are designed to fit and allow flexibility and freedom of movement that provide comfort. Thus there are both fashionable and functional points that should be considered in yoga clothing. offers a complete range of yoga apparel by Alo Sport. Choose from a classic variety of tops and bottoms both for men and women and bring your mobility towards maximum in these flexible clothes.

Alo Sport-W2006-Ladies Bamboo Racerback Tank

Have a flexible yet comfortable yoga workout in Alo Sport-W2006-Ladies Bamboo Racerback Tank. Made from 67% bamboo lyocell, 29% combed and ringspun cotton, 4% spandex jersey, this tank offers naturally moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial, and hypoallergenic properties for a cool, dry, fresh and safe practice. Embrace an irresistible comfort with lasting recovery and a great fit.

Alo Sport-W2022-Ladies Sports Bra

Ensure great comfort and relaxed fit at yoga in Alo Sport-W2022-Ladies Sports Bra. 90% nylon, 10% spandex construction, dry-wicking and anti-microbial properties; all features contribute for a flexible and comfortable workout.

Alo Sport-W2002-Ladies Mesh Back Sports Bra

Embrace the less is more comfortable feel and great looks in Alo Sport-W2002-Ladies Mesh Back Sports Bra. Enjoy the relaxed fit and flexibility in 90% nylon, 10% spandex knit jersey. Dry wicking and Anti-microbial properties keep you cool and fresh throughout your activity. Stretch Flex & trade technology provides lasting recovery and a great fit. Double layered mesh racerback allows airy comfort and add extra style at workout.

Alo Sport-W5009-Ladies Capri Legging

Don’t hesitate to move for your fitness and keep up the active lifestyle in Alo Sport-W5009-Ladies Capri Legging. 88% nylon, 12% spandex construction, dry wicking and anti-microbial properties, flatlock stitching, stretch flex & trade technology provides lasting recovery and a great fit for a comfortable and pleasant workout experience.

Alo Sport-M2079-Men Performance Shooter T-Shirt

Have an active and comfortable yoga practice in Alo Sport-M2079-Men Performance Shooter T-Shirt. Enjoy the dry wicking and anti-microbial properties of 100% polyester interlock and comfort of a tear-away label.

Alo Sport-M2780-Men Mesh Tank

Move with ease and pleasant comfort at yoga in Alo Sport-M2780-Men Mesh Tank. 100% polyester birds eye micro-mesh knit jacquard, tear-away label, dry wicking, anti-microbial, wider cut shoulder slope and thick binding; all features facilitate freedom of movement and flexibility.

Alo Sport-M6717-Men Mesh 11 Inch Short

Do not get hindered with elements and move beyond any restriction in Alo Sport-M6717-Men Mesh 11 Inch Short. This short features 100% polyester birds eye micro-mesh knit jacquard, tear-away label, dry wicking, anti-microbial properties, no pockets and 11" inseam length.

If you want to be fashionable and stylish in your active lifestyle. Browse for the best yoga clothing by Alo Sport; that is fashionable and practical that help you to express your personality in an optimistic way. Enjoy the great value at competitive prices and incredible services.

What Type Of Clothes Called Industrial Wear Clothing?

Working people are being engaged in different work industries and they always need tough and durable clothing for their indoor and outdoor job activities. Industrial clothing is the high quality specialized apparel that could stand by the rigors of the demanding work environment with incorporation of style and practical features that are designed to last. As people are associated with different jobs, they require different types of clothing according to their workplaces demands and needs. Appropriate workwear apparel is like a gear for professionals and workers and help them get their job done with professional style and comfort.

Have A Practical Style At Work Industry

At, you will have a huge workwear collection for diversified industries. The workwear from renowned global brands is exclusively designed to meet the specific needs of any demanding work environment. The workwear is categorized into an expanded classification as tees and knits, polos, woven, outerwear, bottoms and coveralls. Dickies and Harriton offer the highest quality and dependable workwear you will love to own. The industrial clothing should possess some specialized properties as moisture wicking, snag protection, wrinkle resistance, soil and stain release, odor resistance and anti-microbial properties that keep you neat, cool, dry and comfortable at your workplace. 

Harriton-M500-Men Stain Release Long Sleeve Twill

Embrace a neat and crisp look at your workplace in this stain release twill shirt. Enjoy the nice and relaxed fit and practical features that give you an effortless style and functionality at work.

Harriton-M354w-Ladies Micro Poly Pique Polo

Have a practical and stylish identity at your workplace. This polo works well as industrial and corporate wear gives an effortless styling option for your life activities.

Dickies-Lj539-10 Oz Industrial Duck Jacket

Keep yourself apart from the rigors of tough work environment with this duck jacket. Practical and rigid work features make this jacket a must have item for workwear wardrobe.

Dickies-874-Men's 8.5 Oz. Twill Work Pant

Present an elegant and stylish overall in this work pant. Move with confidence and impress the others with your comfy style.

Dickies-48611-Men's 7.5 Oz. Coverall

Keep protected against various hazards and accidents at your workplace with Dickies coverall.

Have an easy access to industrial clothing at and ensure your safety at workplace with high quality workwear at least prices.

Best Athletic Garments By Champion Clothing Brand

Champion is famous for creating world's premium quality athletic wear of the 20th century. Since its existence in 1919, Champion has greatly inspired athletes and active people on and off the field and have been recognized as one of the most popular American sportswear brands. Champion clothing was adopted as streetwear in the 1970s but in the recent years the brand has gained huge revival as a heritage sports brand and has become very popular among style loving athletes. Providing the best athletic garments for the active people all around the world, Champion continues to excel in the athletic wear and offers smarter and more contemporary alternatives that help to maintain the comfort and versatility of the brand. Champion has seen massive growth in the recent years is now considered as one of the go-to sportswear providers in modernized world.

Champion Product Line @ 7daysclothing.Com

Champion presents stylish sporting and athletic apparel for men, women and children. From technologically refined and innovative sportswear to stylish lifestyle and workout wear; Champion offers an extensive product line including t-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, pullovers, hoodies, caps, beanies and more variety to meet athletes demands and needs. You can enjoy quality apparel and extreme performance with Champion athletic wear, whether you are on and off the field or in and out of the gym.

Champion T-Shirts

Innovation and technological advancement in Champion t-shirts like Champion Vapor helps you to stay cool and dry faster on and off the game. Try Champion-CV20-Vapor 4 Oz T-Shirt, Champion-T050-Vapor Ladies Cotton Short Sleeve V-neck and Champion-CW22-4 Oz Double Dry Performance T-Shirt; for cool, dry and fresh looks.

Champion Sweatpants & Shorts

Champion clothing is premium athletic wear for men and women. It features quick-drying, lightweight and breathable materials. Whether you need a chafe-free sports bra, eco-fleece workout pant, sweatpants and seamless or mesh running shorts, Champion has got you covered. Check for Champion-3393-Ladies Mesh Shorts, Champion-8731-3.7 Oz Polyester Mesh Shorts Champion-P900-Eco 9 Oz 50-50 Sweatpants at

Champion Hoodies & Sweatshirts

An athlete's basic clothing piece featuring classic comfort for lounging at home or sweating out at the gym. You’ll love the athletic style of Champion hoodies and sweatshirts. These soft, smooth-textured shirts are great for mixing, matching and layering. Classic ribbed crewneck sweatshirts or Zip-up jackets are perfect for active wear wardrobe. Have a warm and cozy feel in a fleece sweater and get an extra coverage with a thermal hoodie. Twill-taped necklines and durable double-stich hems ensure long-lasting wear and plush fabric offers comforting warmth. Soft brushed interiors never irritate while you’re working out. Browse for Champion-S1049-12 Oz 82-18 Reverse Weave Crew and Champion-S1051-12 Oz 82-18 Reverse Weave Pullover Hood and beat the chilly winter in style and comfort.

Perform Like a Champion in the Best Champion Athletic Wear @ 7daysclothing.Com

Find the best athletic wear for sports and workouts and perform beyond the best. Get the perfect winning combo by Champion at Shop for the great value at the least prices and enjoy incredible shipping services.

Mother's Day Sale 2016

Happy Mother’s Day! A mom, it has only one. The main purpose of Mother's Day is to give honor to the woman who has given birth to us. A mother and her child have a bond like no other. We often have feelings of appreciation towards our moms we do not acknowledge it often. This Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity for you to express your innate love to your mother with

Have you been looking for a loving gift this Mother’s Day?

When the Mother’s Day is approaching, this question is always roaming in our minds what to buy her or give a gift that is unprecedented, unearth, and original (an original gift for Mother's Day is not necessarily synonym to big budget) present at the height of the love we have it! Every mother is unique and deserves special attention and it's time to give her a present worthy of the name!

What to gift your mom this Mother’s Days?

Make sure that we put a lot of time into thinking what you will get your mother because it is not always easy to please, let alone a mother! One always thinks this or that will make her mother happy that’s why it is common to be in a state of extreme uncertainty for the child. Fortunately, is there to help you find the best gift for your mom. Among our selection for Mother's Day, you will find different range of brands that you mother will surely love to wear.

Mother’s Day Clothing

Gifts show how you feel when words fail to do so. Mother’s Days is, indeed, a more perfect opportunity for a child to express their great love for their mother and Mother's Day clothing is the best way to show the love you have for your mom.

At, there are so many different brands that you can get her. The most popular brands for Mother's Day apparels are Anvil, Chestnut Hill, Devon & Jones, Fruit of the Loom, Gildan, Hanes, Harriton, and Jerzees. You can also browse for Mother's Day clothing and can discover more brands that will display a wide smile on the face of your mother!

Furthermore, you can get 15% OFF on the entire purchase while checking out. To get the discount, use Coupon Code: SUPERMOM. We hope you enjoy your visit at and a wish you a very happy Mother's Day! Make it fun for this very special day she will never forget!

Gildan G500 Vs Gildan G200 T-shirt

Gildan G500: Looking for some basic or blank tees for your casual wardrobe? Gildan g500 is the perfect option for you. The Gildan G500 short sleeve T-shirt is 5.3 Oz. in weight, and made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton. Featuring a strong combination of comfort and style, this tee has a seamless collar crew neckline, taped shoulder-to-shoulder and full double-needle stitching all contribute to an immense style and fashion looks. Ideal for athletic and warm weather use, it has a jersey knit with excellent moisture management property. This tee has proven to be the best one for team sports, athletes, for charities, construction business, warehouse personnel and many outdoor events. The heavy cotton fabric is pre-shrunk for greater durability, easy care, washing and drying. Widely available in huge variety of colors and sizes, the Gildan G500 is among one of the most popular Gildan products. Whether you are organizing any sort of outdoor event and looking for a superb tee for printing or screening your own design, this is the shirt you are looking for! An original item in terms of style, comfort and utility.

At, you can find all the variants of G500 as Gildan-G500-5.3 Oz Cotton Tee, Gildan-G500L-5.3 Oz MI Short Sleeve Fit Tee, Gildan-G500B-Youth5.3 Oz Cotton Tee and Gildan-G500VL-Heavy Cotton Ladies 5.3 Oz V Neck T Shirt; thus everyone can own this amazing tee for effortless styling.


Gildan G200: Need something for a worry free, comfy and effortless styling? Gildan G200 is the perfect choice for you. It is made from 100 percent pre-shrunk cotton that contributes to easy care. This tee features a fashionable crew neckline, tapered shoulder to shoulder for form fitting, double needle-stitching and a seamless collar, all attributes to attract the fashion lovers. This is a running piece in stock and is generally used for team activities, promotional activities and fund raisers. This also works well for sports activities and outdoor labor such as pool management and lawn care due to excellent moisture management technology.

At, the Gildan G200 is available in a huge variety of sizes, and colors you need for any occasion. The variants of G200 at are Gildan-G200T-Tall 6 Oz Ultra Cotton Tee, Gildan-G200L-Ladies 6 Oz Ultra Cotton Tee and Gildan-G200B-Youth6 Oz Ultra Cotton Tee. Everybody gets the one for superb style and ultimate comfort.

Browse for comfort and style and customize your looks from basic to stylish with Gildan G500 and Gildan G200. Enjoy unbelievable prices and incredible delivery services just in a click!

Men Corporate Shirts All You Need!

In the corporate world, one needs to be dressed appropriately as per the work culture for a pleasing personality. It is not mandatory that you have to wear business suits daily or to look over dressed. A crisp white shirt coupled with a black well fitted trouser grant the desired professional look that work well for your corporate appearance. To dress according to the organizational culture helps you to create the right professional image. From head to toe, corporate dressing gives an initial impression about yourself. Have a glance at some trendy and fashion forward corporate shirts that could be easily ensembles with other clothing and accessories to create an overall style statement at office.

Look The Part Of Corporate Esteem In Dress Shirts

At, you can choose from a wide assortment of branded men corporate shirts by Devon and Jones, Harriton and Van Heusen. Corporate dress shirts can be worn with or without tie, at work or after work. Select from a broad spectrum of available options including long and short sleeve Oxfords, Twill, Poplin, Denim, Silk and many more. The well-tailored pieces are available in standard and slim fits to give a modern executive look at corporate level. These handsome corporate shirts will build pride, recognition and loyalty for your organization.

Project An Attitude Of Confidence And Professionalism In Corporate Shirts

Dress a well enough style and stand out with classic professional looks. Exude an impressive attitude of confidence and professionalism in men’s corporate shirts and couple these with charming ensembles.

Devon & Jones-D610-Men Advantage Pima Twill

4.4 oz., 100% Peruvian Pima cotton with wrinkle & stain-release

Comfort of luxurious Pima cotton



Adjustable cuffs

Locker loop

Back center pleat

Button-down collar

Have an ultra-smooth feel with crisp looks for all day comfort at office. This Wrinkle–Free twill Shirt is made from pima cotton for a lustrous look and finish with exceptional durability and comfort. Couple this with nice fitted trousers and elegant oxford shoes for a professional overall.

Devon & Jones-D640-Men Gingham Checker

Embellish your professional looks in this carefree work shirt. The classic fit gives true corporate appearance and wrinkle resistant fabric keeps you looking sharp and crisp at work. True Non-iron performance gives you an effortless style option for office.

Harriton-M600-Men Sr Long Sleeve Oxford

Look at your best in this true oxford that actually performs for style and functionality. It is a timeless style piece in men’s corporate collection. The wrinkle resistant and soil release properties give you a neat finish and professional look all the day long. Choose the one for your closet, pair with formal trousers and shoes and get easy styling with easy care.