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Colors Chemistry For Your Clothing Style In Winter

Colors Chemistry For Your Clothing Style In Winter: Wearing the correct seasonal colors can make you feel and look great and enhance your overall personality and appearance. The arrival of winter gives an opportunity to sport bright colors. Clothing colors to be adopted in winters should be sharp, stark and clear. You can look at your best in intense and rich winter clothing colors like black, navy blue, red, white, orange, green, purple and hot pink. In lighter colors options you can wear icy pastels or bright white and cool blues, pinks and yellows.

Dress Well For The Winter Season

During winters you can explore conventional colors that are ignored during summers for being too sharp and bright. Since winter is also a festive season, multitude of colors works well to be added in the wardrobe. In winters you should take some interest in improving your personal style and this can be achieved with the selection of the right shades according to the surrounding weather.

Winter Fashion And Style Trends With Colors Chemistry

There are several colors which appear great when come in combination with other colors. You should know the chemistry of colors that have a strong impact in the overall winter clothing.

Black, White And Red Colors

Black is known for attracting heat and during winters it is the perfect color for adding warmth and insulation to winter clothing. Imagine a crisp winter day with white snow, the significance of black is difficult to beat. One can go for casual or formal black outerwear as jackets, pullovers and hoodies, coats, sweaters and cardigans. White is a universal color, It alone may not attract eye, it goes well in contrast with other colors. Red is a usual color in one’s winter wardrobe. One can flaunt a red shirt, sweatshirt, sweater or cardigan. The combination of red and white will make you look smart and edgy. Yellow has an immense scope in the winter.

Yellow, Orange, Green And Blue Colors

A yellow sweater will complement well with black jeans. It is a vibrant color that give fabulous look during winter season. You can have a sober and decent look with yellow and blue combination. Orange can make you look magnetic. It shows ample of charm with black or white. Green and Blue are evergreen colors. Modern fashionistas recommend these colors as they bond well with other colors.

Brown, Grey, Maroon And Beige Colors

Brown and Grey are colors look different yet attractive. A grey or brown jacket looks well with other piece of clothing. Maroon and Beige are manifest winter festive season.

The Importance of Workwear Apparel and Safety Clothing


Staying safe while on work is of utmost importance. There are certain workplaces where the workers and employees have to face many hazards and they are required to wear reflective and high visibility clothing to ensure their protection and safety. In the workplaces such as transport companies, construction sites, warehouses, factories and roadwork, it is very crucial to wear high visibility clothing for your own safety. Their clothing will prevent workers from getting cuts, chemical and biological hazards, high voltages and static electricity. Thus the use of high visibility clothing improves the visibility of the people in a workplace and reduces the risks of accidents and mishaps at the work places.

Workwear Apparel and Safety Clothing At 7daysclothing

At you can find premium quality and competitively priced safety products from famous safety apparel brands all over the world designed to protect you from different hazards within your work environment. Our aim is to supply the right products for your job. Our range of safety apparel is comprehensive from polo shirts, t-shirts, shirts, blouses, sweatshirts, hoodies, body warmers, fleeces, jackets, overalls, trousers, jackets and chef wear. Browse our wide range of safety and work wear that covers a multitude of workplace environment from staff office to site workers.

Safety Polo Shirts And T-Shirts

Browse our collection of safety polos and t-shirts. We have short sleeved,long sleeved, fire retardant, thermal and hi-visibility polos and t-shirts to withstand the cooler and warmer or hazardous working premises. We also provide superior contrasting polo shirts for companies to match their professional and corporate image for the ‘stand-out’ effect. These include blended (50/50 poly-cotton) styles as well as hi-visibility polo shirts. These are comfortable lightweight shirts available with or without pockets.

Safety Outerwear

At 7daysclothing you can find the best selection of hi-visibility outerwear made up of the reflective material. It includes high quality thermal lined sweatshirts, versatile 3-in-1 jackets, bomber jackets, parkas or windbreakers, with these amazing products you can find a style that will keep you warm, safe and dry too. Browse our outer wear collection and buy with trust and confidence.

Safety Sweatshirts and Hoodies

Check out for a complete range of crewneck, pullover and full-zip styles. Perfect for the fall and spring, our sweatshirts and hoodies provide warmth and safety and style too limiting the bulk of a heavyweight jacket. Browse our collection of sweatshirts and hoodies available in different colors and sizes. We offer a vast range of contrasting, hi visibility, flame retardant hoodies and sweatshirts.


Safety Fleece and Jackets

Browse our collection of safety fleece and safety jackets. We provide a vast range of fleece and jackets including hi visibility bomber jackets, road side coats, reversible coats, soft shell jackets and contrasting fleece and soft shell jackets for an influential corporate image.

Safety Overalls

Browse our collection of overalls. These include disposable, bib & brace, warehouse/lab coats, hi visibility and standard boiler suit.

Safety Trousers and Shorts

Browse our collection of trousers and shorts including ballistic, action, combat (with and without kneepad pockets), cargo, hi visibility, waterproof, railway spec, standard and ladies cargo and combat (with knee pocket). We supply cargo shorts and contrasting combat shorts for the warmer condition.

Safety Vests

We have the perfect vest that suits your job. Our collection includes ANSI Class 2, Class 3, multi-pocket, non-ANSI, flame resistant and more. These are available with Velcro or zipper closures in mesh and solid fabric styles.

Flame Resistant Safety Wear

This category includes best FR t-shirts, safety vests, button-down work shirts, coveralls and waterproof rainwear. Here you’ll be sure to find the apparel that keeps you protected and compliant with the safety standards. 

How To Choose The Perfect Seasonal Clothing?

Every season brings some personal battles for us to fight with. Appropriate seasonal clothing is a smart choice to withstand the current weather conditions. The choice of clothing in winter season is all about the art of purchasing the right apparel for you to combat the extreme cold. It has been a big challenge to find the perfect piece of clothing in winter. First of all you have to understand the basic needs to be met regarding the surrounding conditions.It is very important to purchase the clothing that provides the versatility, functionality and durability at the same time. Some of the variables that should be considered while choosing winter clothing are style, level of warmth and extent to cold exposure. The technical features to look in this regard are moisture wicking system, breathability, stretch-ability, water repellency and wind proofing. These all collectively keep you warm and cozy all the season long and justify your winter purchase.

Tips To Choose Perfect Winter Wear

Look For Quality and Durability

Make sure that you are buying something valuable for your money. If you are getting more spendy you should be 100% sure in terms of quality of the fabric and its durability because once you have invested in the right thing you won't need to worry about it for a very long period of time. Search and choose carefully your winter wear as long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hoodies, pullovers and beanies.    

Dress In Layers As and When Needed

Base layer provide temperature regulation and move moisture away from your skin when you are active in the outdoors during cold. These will keep you dry and cool after exertional activities. A base layer serves as your next-to-skin comfort layer, your foundation clothing over which you can layer mid or outer layers as the climatic conditions dictate. Choose the correct long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts as the appropriate base layer option in winter wear.

Choose the Perfect Outerwear to Keep You Warm All the Winter Long

No matter if you love the outdoors during the cold months or prefer to stay indoors out of the chilly condition, it is important to have a good winter jacket and hoodie that fits your lifestyle. While versatility is a prime feature to be considered in a winter outerwear, it is important also to realize how many options of winter jackets are available for you to choose from. From down jackets to parkas, you should consider several aspects as usage frequency, level of insulation and price while purchasing the appropriate winter jacket and hoodie.

Choose AnAppropriate Size in Winter Outerwear Selection

A very important aspect to be considered while buying winter outerwear is that you should choose the size which has enough room to wear layers underneath. The winter outerwear must be comfortable enough to provide you easy mobility despite the fact how much clothing you have put on to prevent yourself from the environmental elements. Some of the most demanded options in winter outerwearare soft shell jackets, fleece jackets, down-insulated jackets and 3-in-1 jackets. These all have different applications and uses.

Your Baby Needs Some Organic Clothing

Baby Organic Clothing 7DaysClothing

A baby is the best gift by the Mother Nature for you and undoubtedly he or she deserves the best care especially in the initial days of his/her life. Newborn babies,infants and toddlers are very much susceptible to everything around them and anything harsh can inflict damage to them and may be injurious to their health and safety. This is applicable to what a baby may wear, what he or she drinks, eats, breathes in, sees and touches. Since a baby is one of the best creations of the Mother Nature you should be more careful and concerned in his or her upbringing and care in terms of clothing and other daily life aspects as feeding, burping, changing and soothing. Choosing baby's clothing take too much effort, you should select the best for the little one so that he can enjoy his new world in style and with comfort.Buying stylish, gorgeous and safe clothes for a beautiful baby is one of life’s greatest pleasures and this could be easily accomplished by choosing organic and safe clothing for your baby.

Express Your Affection &Care ForYour Little One With Organic Apparel

The primary concerns while choosing your baby clothing should be softness, durability, safety, dressing ease and style. All these aspects can be achieved with organic baby clothing.  Organic apparel is the ideal and perfect clothing for a baby because it doesnot harm a baby’s skin.Organic clothing is made up of the natural fibers grown without using any artificial or chemical fertilizers and pesticides. They are treated with organic bleach and dyed with organic colors. Therefore organic clothing does not give rise to skin irritation, rashes and allergies and ensure your baby's health and safety. You can make your baby smile by adding comfort, care and safety in his everyday clothing. This can be achieved easily by keeping strong trust in organic clothing products by world's famous infants and kids apparel brands.

Nurture Your Baby with Natural Care

A new baby is very much precious and so is his/her skin. He is more sensitive to the surrounding environment and absorbs toxins at much faster rate than an adult does. Once you get blessed with the responsibility of nurturing a new and precious life a lot more care should be taken in selecting a baby's clothes.You should go for organic and sustainable clothing for a healthy nurturing of your baby. Organic cotton is the ideal fabric for a baby's skin as it is processed and grown without using harmful chemicals.

Get in Style with Gildan G500 Ultra Cotton T-Shirt

Gildan G500 7DaysClothing

Gildan is popular because of the cheaper blank t-shirts,as the Ultra Cotton and the Heavy Cotton shirts.Preshrunk ultra- cotton shirts are the least expensive option for your daily wardrobe.Gildan G500 shirts are time-tested t-Shirts,an excellent choice and the most favorite of a large consumer's segment and screen printers. Gildan G500 is known for its exceptional quality offered at incredible prices.Used for promos,branding, charities,schools and athletics. It is the best- selling and the most demanded t-shirt by Gildan.

Gildan T-Shirts for Any Occasion

Whether you need t-shirts for your local sports team, for your school’s drama club,for a college event or to present as a gift to your beloved ones, you can find an amazing variety by Gildan that meet your needs and comfort and suit your budget too. Gildan G500 ultra cotton t-shirts will provide you all what you need for any event, group or occasion. With these fabulous t-shirts you feel free to mix and match styles,colors and sizes to form a unique fashion statement.

Fit and Style For Your Personal Preference

Gildan G500 is a comfortable and great looking t-shirt that works well with your budget. This is the ultimate versatile shirt style for all of your t-shirt creativity and screen printing needs. From sports team warm-ups and uniforms to group activities,workouts and parties, the Gildan G500 is the best in style,comfort, sizing, and color options for all your daily life activities.

Gildan G500 Ultra Cotton T-Shirt Features

G500 t-shirt is made up of 100% preshrunk cotton with double needle stitching, weighing 5.3 oz.It has seamless rib at neck and taped shoulder-to-shoulder. The colors that are not 100% cotton are 99% cotton/1% poly - Ash, 90% cotton/10% poly - Sport Grey, 90% cotton/10% poly - all "Antique" colors, 50% cotton/50% poly -Lilac/Midnight/Sunset/Russet/Blackberry/Tweed, 50% cotton/50% poly - Dark Heather /and all "Heather" colors, 50% cotton/50% poly - all "Safety" colors.

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