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It’s Weekend Get Some Casual Wear from Wardrobe


You wear enough formal, structured and often uncomfortable clothing all the week long, the weekend should be your relaxing and off-duty time to enjoy some casual wear whether enjoying the leisure time at home with family or going outdoors with friends. A comfortable dress is the most relaxing thing to put on at the weekend. Have something soft, breathable and stylish enough to make a fashion statement. Although your attitude is relaxed at the weekend but you should not let your style slide down. Differentiate between your work-self and weekend-self and choose the relaxing weekend attire instead of professional work attire. Stand out your style at the weekend with apparel from leading brands across the globe.

Take Your Casual Look Up A Notch

When it comes to dressing for the weekends, it's best to keep it simple and casual but stylish, so you can actually enjoy your off duty days. Conquering the weekend wardrobe is all about fashion meets function as weekend is the time to look practical and stylish with errands, get together and outings.An essential to weekend wear is comfort and personal expression despite formality, conformity and presentation. It emphasizes as something unplanned, occasional, relaxed, informal, different and unique from apparel you wear all the week.        Brighten up your weekend wardrobe with the decent white tees or select some vibrant colored tees to spark at an event or gathering together with families and friends. Then mix and match these with stylish pants and bottoms to have an overall stylish informal look and feel with ultimate comfort and ease. Add some appropriate and needed accessories to your outfit to complement your personality.

Build Up an Amazing Weekend Wardrobe

 The weekend wardrobe should be extremely versatile and easy to style. A weekend casual wear wardrobe may consist of casual shirts, oxfords, twill shirts, tees, polos, sweatshirts, button-up shirts, casual jackets, dark jeans, denims, lifestyle pants, cotton pants, lounge pants, shorts and more. You need to have stylish colorful tops, classic bottoms and a jacket for a complete weekend outfit. Then mix and match these together with the complementary clothing items and accessories. A high-quality and stylish t-shirt can be layered nicely with a v-neck sweater or cardigan or a casual jacket to add a pop of color to your casual outfit style. Solid color tops do well when matched with the perfectly looked bottoms. Find the pieces that look good and make you feel good to wear.

Polo Shirt -The Most Demanding Apparel Line All the Time

poloshirt by 7daysclothing

Polo shirts are classic and timeless pieces of one's attire, the workhorses of a wardrobe.  The most demanding and versatile shirts anyone can own in his closet. An incredible versatile trait in today's style arena for numerous occasions ages and walks of life. If you like comfort dressing or love to adopt the sports luxe trend then a polo shirt is an item worth investing in. There are a number of leading world’s apparel brands that offer a huge and amazing collection of polo shirts, some of these are Adidas Golf, Ashworth, Alo Sport, Alternative, Ash City, Anvil, Chestnut Hill, Devon & Jones, Hanes, Jerzees and several more.

From Sporting and Casual Attire To Business Casual Wear

In today’s busy lifestyles, people prefer to go for a comfort dressing. They want to look stylish with a little effort. A smart polo can take you from the golf course to a business lunch without a change of clothes. People are embracing the business casual look with polo as it fits in well with their busy lifestyles.From sporting casual attire and leisure time wear to business casual wear, polo shirts can be paired with many wardrobe items such as shorts, jeans, dress pants and dark trousers. Polos also go well with light jackets and blazers to have a fashionable and stylish look. Polos are made as flexible and breathable shirts and are predominantly worn in the summers, but can be used in winters as well.Polo is a common sight on golf courses, tennis courts, beaches and around town for leisurely errands.

Add Flair To Your Looks With Polo’s Modern Fit And Style

Polo shirts offer multiple classic styles and fits that wearers love to incorporate into their wardrobes. These include classic, slim and skinny fits and designs. Classic and fashionable polo shirts combine a traditional elegance and a sporty edge that appeal users for their business and casual versatility.Often used for casual office wear, business casual wear, school uniforms, weekend cool look,beach relaxed style and tennis athletic wear. Polo shirts come in short or long sleeves, v-neck, round neck, collared and are made from cotton, blended cotton, or jersey knit. Performance polo’s are high quality shirts worn by athletes. They dominate the market with a vast array of styles and colors that can fit any situation. From classic to modern polos styles and color choices are timeless and unending.

What to Wear During Winters?


Knowing how and what to wear in winter while dealing with the cold play is a pleasant breeze for you. Staying warm and comfortable during winter is the prime concern but one would not like to compromise on style during extreme cold. Women act as the most fashion followers and style oriented market segment that always want to look  that’s why winter outerwear designers introduced the outerwear that not only fulfills your warmth needs but give you an iconic style as well. Winter outerwear is now been considered as the most glamorous gift by world's leading outerwear brands as Adidas golf, Alo sports, Alternative, Ash City, Core 365, Devon & Jones, Hanes, Harriton, North End and several others. These brands strive to give you the best winter outerwear through technological advancement and innovation.Accessorizing during winters comes down owning the perfect Outerwear and other winter clothing to meet the specified needs of this season while complimenting your style and fashion needs. Outwear such as Pullovers, hoodies serve for dual purpose during colder periods giving you style with warmth and comfort.

Winter Jackets And Hoodies

 Winter jackets and hoodies help you to withstand the cold breezy winter with snow or rain. It should contain thick insulation so that your body stays warm and insulated even when you are at rest. A perfect winter jacket gives ultimate discretion in warmth and perspiration management during winter activities.

Types OfWinter Jackets…Choose From the Best You Need

To fit and match a variety of consumer's needs, a large collection of winter jacket styles are available in the market. Factors as fabric, insulation material, and finish determine the level of warmth and build of a jacket and should be considered before making a winter jacket purchase. Some of the most demanded options are soft shell jacket, fleece jackets, down-insulated jackets and 3-in-1 jackets. These all have different applications and uses.First it is important to have a jacket perfect to keep you warm and comfortable. Having a jacket that keeps you warm is not enough as part of your fashion and style needs are concerned. Your jacket should be very stylish and fashionable too to give you a glow in winter extreme. With a jacket by Alternative, Core 365, Weatherproof, Devon and jones, J America, Hanes, Gildan, Ash City, Harriton and other brands, be sure to stay warm, dry and cozy.

Top 5 Golf Clothing Brands


Golf is a sport that requires style in addition to skills and potential. This can be attained from proper golf clothing by the leading apparel brands as Adidas Golf, Izod, Ashworth, Champion, Devon and Jones and several more. The fit, the fabric, the feel and overall statement made by golf apparel by these brands give an influencing impression and a powerful message that the wearer is confident, composed and is highly determined to succeed in professional endeavors.The top golf apparel brands worked with commitment to combine innovation with authenticity. This leads to the great revolution in golf attire in today's era and inspires golfers to rely on performance apparel which can be used both on and off the game. These brands continued to deliver the players with excellence helping their skills to reach maximum potential.

Golf Apparel and Accessories

Apparel and accessories by golf apparel brands include golf shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, vests, pants, shorts, jackets,hoodies, caps,hats and beanies.

Adidas Golf

Adidas highlights a constant pursuit of innovation creating the highest performing golf apparel and footwear for the ever best players in the world. Adidas is always being focused on bringing out the best of the best for every athlete and is always looking for innovative ways to improve its existing products or create new ones to match the needs of athletes.Adidas Golf shirts fulfill multiple purposes as and when needed. For example, a short sleeve Adidas Golf shirt work nicely when golfers require an easy and lightweight option, but the same golf shirt can also act as a layering piece in cooler weather when paired with a half-zip jacket to give a warm cozy feel.


Ashworth Golf shirts, sweaters, vests, pants, shorts, jackets, accessories and other outer wear for golfers giving a balanced casual wardrobe to them. The designs and style chosen denotes elegance, simplicity with quality and timeless appeal giving comfortable fit and reliability.As the weather becomes cooler and summer comes to an end, stay warm and stylish with Ashworth sweatshirts and hoodies, perfect items to cope up with the changing season.


Champion offers a huge collection of versatile short  and long sleeve shirts, hoodies , sweatshirts and jackets for golfers made from high-tech material and available in vibrant colors.

Devon & Jones

Devon and Jones polos proudly span a lot of vintage styles and colors for golfers from pique polos to solid mesh variety giving them a comfortable, modern fit. These sporty polo shirts act as an ideal option for golfers. 


The integral building blocks of a golfer’s wardrobe are short sleeve polo shirts. Find an amazing collection of comfortable and stylish golf polo shirts by Izod. You will also find smart fit fleece outerwear by Izod for golf lovers. 

Top 5 Sportswear Brands By

top5 sportwear brand by 7daysclothing

Sports is an activity that unites the entire world together through patriotism, enthusiasm and thrill. Whether it is football, baseball, basketball, soccer, Cricket, Hockey or any other sports, people linked with each other through sports. Sportswear brands are the apparel companies that strive to keep the sportsmen spirit at the highest potential and give a winning combo through their apparel and accessories. Whether you are a sportsman, athlete, a sports fan or enthusiast, you would like to look good and feel good with the highest comfort level. There are several sportswear brands available to match sportsmen demands and needs. The top most sportswear brands in the USA are Adidas golf, Augusta sportswear, Champion, A4, Team 365. These brands produce high quality sports apparel that can endure frequent and extended use and absorb sweat, prevent from shock, give maximum protection against extreme temperatures.

Top 5 Sportswear Clothing Brands In USA

Boost your performance by a fantastic range of fashion- oriented and performance boosting best fitness active wear that can help to improve your abilities and workout stamina while keeping you look stylish. There are a huge number of the world’s leading brands of sportswear that have refined themselves according to sportsman and athlete's demands and needs. Some of the most prominent of these are Adidas Golf, Augusta sportswear, Champion, A4, Team 365 and many more that offer you the best to look and perform the best. These brands aim to make sportswear much more comfortable and acceptable for you by enhancing their products in such technical and innovative ways that one can’t resist their products. The incorporation of high-tech materials that make the active wear light, breathable and moisture-wicking thus help in greater mobility.

Sportswear Clothing Brands @ 7daysclothing.Com

If you are looking to impress the world on the field or want to make the most out of your workout, try this vast and amazing sportswear range by Adidas Golf, Augusta sportswear, Champion, A4, Team 365 including t-shirts, polos, tops, tank tops, shorts, sports bras, running and cycling jerseys, socks, track suits, outerwear as jackets, hoodies, pullovers, sweat shirts and much more available in a distinctive number of designs, styles, colors and sizes. The aim of these top class sportswear brands is to provide affordable athletic wear to suit every sportsman’s athletic built and preferences. So, it’s become very easy for you to find your desired apparel just in a single click @

Buy Best Winter Clothing 2015-2016 Form 7daysclothing

Buy Best Winter from 7DaysClothing

Having the right winter clothing is very important to withstand the extreme weather. While trying to keep warm, it is significant to have the right tops, bottoms, footwear and other need and style accessories for winter. In this regard you have to shop winter clothing from a reliable store offering a majority of trust worthy winter clothing brands. Make up a great winter wardrobe with branded winter apparel shopping from

Keep Your Winter Wardrobe Up To Date By Winter Clothing @ 7daysclothing.Com

First it is important to have a jacket perfect to keep you warm and comfortable. Having a jacket that keeps you warm is not enough as part of your fashion and style needs is concerned. Your jacket should be very stylish and fashionable too to give you a glow in winter extreme. With a jacket by Alternative, Core 365, Weatherproof, Devon and jones, J America, Hanes, Gildan, Ash City, Harriton and other brands, be sure to stay warm, dry and comfortable.

Fleece jackets act as the most comfortable winter staple anyone could ever have. Inexpensive fleece jackets for men, women and children are winter staple easy to carry, look stylish, keeps you warm and cozy with an air of elegance. has a great collection of fleece jackets for men, women and children by the top winter apparel brands like Alternative, Core 365, Weatherproof, Champion, Devon and jones, J America, Hanes, Gildan, Ash City and Harriton at great discounted prices. A versatile layer of top that serve as an outer layer indoors should be smartly selected. Select from the latest styles and technologies designed to protect you from cold and moisture. Layer up with cozy hoodies and sweatshirts. Other inner layer clothing options are long sleeves crew neck shirts, jerseys, thermal shirts and much more types. The winter appropriate tops not only look great but they feel great also. Considering bottom and pants for winter you can find many options here to keep you warm this season with sweatpants, thermals and more.

Enjoy the Most Definitive Shopping Experience By Big Winter Season Apparel Sale

Accessorizing during winters comes down owning the perfect Outerwear and other winter clothing to meet the specified needs of this season while complimenting your style and fashion needs. Outwear such as Jackets, Pullovers, hoodies serve for dual purpose during colder periods giving you style with warmth and comfort. That is why 7daysclothing brings to you a wide selection famous winter apparel brands cumulatively providing a stunning collection of winter wear for men, women and children at sale prices. So, shop from 7daysclothing and achieve warmth and fashion credibility that has never been so easier to have before.

Flexfit Headwear-The Fundamental Part of an Outfit

FlexFit Headwear

Headwear is an integral part of any outdoor outfit or sports apparel. There’s nothing good like having a great headwear to fulfill your practical or fashionable concerns and needs. In hot summer, it acts as a great shade help to prevent heatstroke and in cold it functions to provide insulation that stop you to loose vital body heat. There are a large number of headwear brands around the world but a brand that offers you premium quality products as well as a price that suits your budget also is Flexfit. Flexfit is one of the world's largest vendor of headwear. The brand manufactures high quality headwear for casual use and for the most famous sports around the world. At you can get an amazing Flexfit headwear variety that fits well for all activities and budget.

Explore The Cutting Edge Innovation And Technology @ 7daysclothing.Com

Browse and find a perfect collection of Flexfit headwear including fashion caps, performance caps, baseball caps and a lot more. Find everything for your needs in just a single click. The products by Flexfit reflect a cutting edge innovation, creative spirit and matchless commitment in terms of headwear quality standards. So, whether you like to make a fashion statement or like to show classic simplicity, 7daysclothing has got you covered with the best Flexfit headwear collection.

Flexfit Wholesale Products @ 7daysclothing.Com

Our collection of assorted and inexpensive headwear truly meets a variety of needs. Some of these are ideal for sports and athletic activities, such as baseball caps and performance caps. Other high quality headwear is great for practical concerns in cold weather to keep you warm and protected. Here you may also find some headwear suitable as business wear, as part of a uniform or for advertising campaigns. At 7daysclothing, an amazing variety of Flexfit wholesale headwear is available in different styles, colors and sizes that complement your overall outfit. Some of the best- selling Flexfit items available at 7daysclothing are atb100 flexfit for team 365™ cool & dry® mini piqué performance cap, atb102 flexfit for team 365™ pro performance front sweep cap, flexfit 110ct 100 performance serge two-tone cap, flexfit 110f 110 wool blend solid cap, flexfit 6077 cool & dry sandwich cap, flexfit 6297f wooly twill pro baseball on-field shape cap with flat bill and more.

Enjoy The Outdoors with Hook & Tackle Fishing Apparel

Fishing is a relaxing and recreational experience or can be a part of vast commercial operation as well and fishing enthusiasts are present as deep sea fishermen, fly fishers and lake fishermen.  Anglers try their luck in lakes, streams, rivers and oceans. Whatever the preferred method of fishing might be, practicality and comfort is an integral part of fishing attire. Hook& Tackle is America’s premier outdoor, nautical and sport fishing apparel brand focusing on the finer points of fishing sports and meeting the angler’s needs. offers affordable Hook & Tackle shirts perfect for sport fisherman.

Hook & Tackle Fishing Attire @ 7daysclothing.Com

Hook & Tackle focuses on technical fishing gear to be used while you are actively fishing and the sportsman’s gear to give you a distinctly nautical look for your next fishing adventure. The comfortable and affordable Hook & Tackle fishing shirts are designed to be light-weight, wrinkle resistant, quick drying, stain repellant and offer maximum solar protection. With Hook & Tackle, you are sure to appreciate the unique and distinctive combination of features as above. Hook & Tackle shirts are ideal for camping, hiking and other outdoor adventure activities. 

Hook & Tackle Wholesale Apparel @ 7daysclothing.Com

 At you can find high quality Hook & Tackle apparel with innovative designs that offer true functionality and superior comfort. Discover Hook & Tackle outstanding apparel @ and experience the unique quality and performance at incredible wholesale prices. The top selling Hook & Tackle shirts @ are hook & tackle 1013l men's gulf stream long-sleeve fishing shirt, hook & tackle 1013s men's gulf stream short-sleeve fishing shirt , hook & tackle 1015l ladies' peninsula long-sleeve performance fishing shirt and hook & tackle 1015s men's peninsula short-sleeve performance fishing shirt.

Celebrate Life at the Fullest With Ful Bags

Ful bags by 7daysclothing

Ful is a famous brand that specializes in bags, backpacks, travel gear and luggage bags. The brand focuses to produce quality bags with the latest fashion edge. The commitment to provide unique and dependable bags makes Ful the brand of choice for active travelers and for those who want to live life at the fullest. Ful bags are perfect option for everyday life and travel.

Ful Product Portfolio @ 7daysclothing.Com

The everyday life is a busy one and you need a perfect carrying object to contain a lot of stuff and to stay organized especially when you are on the go all the day long. Affordable and durable bags are a necessity to keep all your belongings in a portable and safe location so that it’s become easy to carry things around from place to place. If you are a professional you must have a perfect bag to keep your documents neat and organized, your laptops safe, your work accessories like pens, staplers, and paper clips from getting damaged or lost. If you are a student you need the right bag to carry your books with you and if you are a traveler you should have the perfect travel gear with you. Ful duffel bags are suitable for sports and camping. Ful offers laptop cases, messenger bags and even professional luggage bags. To meet all your needs has a diversified selection of bags by the world's famous brand Ful at wholesale and pocket friendly offers Ful Bags, backpacks, travel gear and luggage bags at discounted prices with free shipping on wholesale orders. We carry an assorted collection of Ful quality bags including backpacks, messenger bags, laptop bags and more.

Ful Wholesale Products @ 7daysclothing.Com

The broad range of Ful bags and backpacks is available in various styles, capacity, colors and designs. Ful bags feature durable stitching and handles for unmatched durability. is an excellent place to shop more and to save more for all Ful products. So browse 7daysclothing and choose a Ful bag that fits you today with exclusive discount and free shipping on bulk buying.

Econscious- A Leading Eco-Friendly & Organic Apparel Brand @

econscious clothing by

The clothes we wear and the materials they are made from can mostly damage the environment and exert some harmful effects to the surrounding. But good thing is that there are some eco-friendly clothing alternatives that are considered to inflict minimal or no harm to the surrounding environment. When it comes to eco-friendly and organic or non-synthetic clothing brands, Econscious comes on the top.Econscious is well renowned for producing organic, eco-friendly and sustainable apparel that is durable, comfortable and perfect looking. The range of Econscious organic apparel at 7daysclothing include organic & sustainable t-shirts, hoodies, pullovers, beanies, hats, polos, aprons, bags, totes and much more. With several years of experience in producing high quality organic apparel, Econscious has now become one of the globally successful apparel companies and is among the pioneers of eco-friendly and organic apparel. Econscious is highly committed to produce the minimal environmentally impacting clothing type by using sustainable resources to provide great clothes. They not only use organic cotton but also use other recycled resources to produce their high quality products.The “e-conscious” approach by Econscious in making clothes helps to make the world a better and greener place.

EconsciousEco-Friendly T-Shirts

Econscious shirts are very comfortable and made up of either organic cotton and recycled polyester or a blend of the two. For a fashion fit and light shirt you may find 100% organic cotton shirt.Have a look at the EC1052 4.4 oz.100% organic cotton short-sleeve t-Shirt and EC2505 Econscious men's 4.4 oz., 100% organic cotton jersey short sleeve polo and Econscious EC1500 5.5 oz., 100% organic cotton classic long-sleeve t-shirt. For women’s organic cotton apparel, have a look at the EC3000 (4.4 oz. tee), the EC3052 (V Neck 4.4 oz tee), or the EC3500 (4.4 oz long-sleeve tee).These work as the perfect soft cotton tees for women’s styling.

EconsciousEco-Friendly Bags And Totes

Econscious makes tote and bags as shopping bags, promotional item or casual bags out of organic cotton and recycled polyester. Fabrics used are tear/break resistant and are smartly designed for shopping use.

EconsciousEco-Friendly Hats And Beanies

Browse for Econscious organic cotton twill hats like the EC7000 and the EC7010. They even offer a trucker hat, called the EC7070, an earth friendly trucker hat made out of organic cotton and recycled polyester. If you’re looking to get an organic earth-friendly beanie, take a look at the EC7040.

EconsciousEco-Friendly Pullovers And Hoodies

You can also pick full-zip hoodies and pullovers like the EC5650, EC5680, or a regular pullover hood (9 oz.) like the EC5500.

Econscious Wholesale Clothing @ 7daysclothing

Visit to take advantage of Econscious wholesale clothing. Here you get amazing wholesale prices on all Econscious apparel you can't find at any other store. Get free shipping on order $145 and above.