Bags play a vital role in our everyday life, whether it’s a school bag, office bag or fashion bags, these are very crucial in one’s life. An essential accessory used by everybody around the world. With the active fast pace of today's modern life, bags maintain a key position in our lives and have become even more essential. Apart from its basic function, bags become a part of one’s personal image .In today's fashion forward era, designer bags play a very important role in our everyday lives especially for women but men also desire functionality and sophistication in addition to style and fashion. In contrast, women are more fashion and trend oriented as compared to men and always look for something new and versatile. A bag also denotes a sentimental object in addition to a fashion accessory. 7daysclothing presents a wide range of bags by many famous brands and bags like handbags, backpacks, duffel bags, messenger bags, carry bags, totes bags and other miscellaneous bags for all genders and ages at affordable prices. Please send us email at  

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